UPDATE: The latest info on our response to the Coronavirus

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Continue to grow during this time by catching the latest message. If you desire to dig deeper, you can join a Micro Church. If you attend an online service, make sure to let us know by contacting us.


Micro Churches Starting September 13

Locations Throughout the Valley

The era of Covid-19 has changed a lot for a lot of people, and the Church is no exception. While we've done our best to proceed as normal, the fact is things are not normal and we don't know when we'll get back to "normal." So, say hello to the Micro Church. What Micro Church is not: a life group or small group (though you might have some overlap with those groups). We encourage you to view your Micro Church as your church family. Worship together, pray together, study the bible together. Care for each other through sickness and hardship. Rejoice with each other through victories and successes. In your Micro Church, be the Church!


Watch Online

If you can't attend a Micro Church, watch online from home:

Involve Kids, Sundays 9:30am
Sunday Worship at 10:30am







Involve Kids

We have an age appropriate weekend experience for your kids (infant to 5th grade) in our Involve Kids area! This is a place where we will teach your kids about Jesus on their level.





Involve Church Youth

Every week, we want to engage with your student. We offer a middle school/high school gathering on Sunday evenings to inspire, equip, and raise up the next generation.





Micro Churches

Right now, we are meeting in Micro Churches. In general, these are smaller groups that allow you to connect with other people on a deeper level.