This is the first step in leadership development and is designed to expand your capacity as a potential leaders in society and the church. It spans a time period of 12 months, meeting one Saturday per month and covering a variety of leadership topics. By the time you have completed Step Up, you will have a firm grasp on what is required to move forward in leading people and yourself well, specifially in the context of the local church.


Month 1
Sharing Your Story & the Importance of Prayer

Month 2
Roles of Men and Women in the Church & Biblical Qualifications for Leadership

Month 3
Knowing the Gospel & Identifying False Teaching.

Month 4
Caring for Others in the Church & Knowing Your Strengths/Weaknesses

Month 5
Leading by Serving & Leading Yourself

Month 6
The Study of God's Word

Month 7
Sharing the Gospel

Month 8
Leading Your Family & Managing Your Time

Month 9
Discipling Others

Month 10
The Local Church

Month 11

Month 12

Interested in Step Up?

  • Start dates - Annually, running for 12 months and starting in January.

  • Workload - You can expect 3 hours of group time once per month, plus additional preparation time that varies per person and month, anywhere from 2-10 hours.

  • Cost - The cost is $60 for the year. This includes the purchase of a Leader Resource Library as well as lunch at each gathering.

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